Conduct/Discipline within the library

  1. The library is a place for silent and private study. Good order and silence should be maintained in the Library at all times. Behaving in such manner that would interfere with study and research activities of the other library users is prohibited.
  2. Library items should not be taken out without proper authorization. Theft or attempted theft of library items, equipment, furniture or furnishings is prohibited and criminal
  3. Eating, use of substances and abusive drugs in the library is not allowed.
  4. Misuse and abuse of lavatories is strongly prohibited
  5. No notices may be displayed or any items distributed within the Library without the prior approval of the Librarian.
  6. Students must leave their valid library or University identity card behind when borrowing reserve books.
  7. Booking of seats in the library is not permitted. The Library staff may remove books and other personal effects left for any length of time on chairs and tables. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left lying on reading tables.
  8. Users shall not obtain or use library card under false pretense.
  9. All communication gadgets including cell phones, radios, etc. should be put on silent mode before entering the library. No call should be made or received in the library.
  10. The marking, defacing, mutilation, willful alteration or destroying identification marks relating to ownership of any library facilities, furniture, equipment or furnishing is prohibited.  
  11. Any materials such as ink bottles, paints, which may accidentally damage libraryproperty, will not be brought into the library.
  12. All bags, briefcases, metallic containers etc. should be left in the place provided for the purpose at the library entrance. Such items must be securely locked or protected, as the Library will not be responsible for their contents. However, before locking, the owner may be required to show the staff on duty the contents in the bag, brief case, etc.
  13. All readers leaving the library in possession of books, papers, paper bag and file folders must show them for checking to the Library security or Library staff at the exit point.
  14. Re-shelving of materials used within the library is prohibited.  Materials used should be left on the tables or put on trolleys to be re- shelved by library staff.
  15. Books shall not be marked in any way e.g. by text underlining, text highlighting in transparent colour, writing comments in a book, ticking, removal of a page, pages or pictures, etc.
  16. Time allowed for usage of the library must be observed. After the second bell every library user should be on their way out.
  17. No visitor will be allowed to tour, use library facilities except with permission of the University librarian
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